Our Vision

Unlocking & nurturing children’s learning potential

Our Mission

Creating the most exciting & challenging learning environment for
students anywhere in the world!

Our Mission will be achieved by:

  • Offering one of our workshops to your entire staff
  • Planning units of work with your teachers at the year/stage/faculty level
  • Creating the most Engaging & Challenging Thinking Classroom where all your children will be engaged through Multiple Learning Pathways
  • Supporting Teachers to Differentiate the Curriculum by implementing 6 different effective learning & teaching strategies: Ability Groups, Cooperative Learning Teams, Learning Contracts, Learning Centres, Multi Age Groups & Individual Learning Plans
  • Designing and implementing an Effective Teacher Feedback Program
  • Implementing STEM/STEAM Integrated Projects

Our Aims

In 1997, after teaching for many years in Canada and Australia, Ralph established his own educational consultancy in order to:

“Unlock & nurture children’s learning potential”

Since then, Ralph has provided a range of professional development programs to schools from 9.00 am – 3.00 pm or from 3.15 pm – 8.15 pm throughout Australia and New Zealand. The good news is that commencing 2007, these programs will be available to schools anywhere in the world! WOW!

So what can schools expect from Ralph?

  • 1. Seminars/Workshops titled
    “Creating the most engaging & challenging thinking classroom where all your children
    will be engaged through multiple learning pathways”
  • 2. Planning primary and secondary units of work using the Pirozzo Matrix (48 and/or 56 grids) ,
    36 Thinking Tools and 50 Cooperative Learning Activities
  • 3. Providing demonstration lessons in both primary and secondary classrooms.
    Now, this is really exciting!