What Teachers & Principals say…

I would like you to know that I absolutely LOVED your presentation and was so taken with your ideas that I went back to school and told my Principal all about what I’d learned. I told him I was just so impressed with the way each new concept you presented to us flowed so cleverly and logically on from the previous one.

(State School Teacher Librarian)

I immediately related to Ralph’s basic tenet of catering to different styles of learning, and whilst most teachers have always tried to do this in classroom programming, this system provided a means of visualising and validating the process. By using Gardner’s styles of learning in conjunction with Bloom’s taxonomy, I was able, as a teacher, to plan a programme that catered for all students’ learning styles whilst extending their levels of comprehension.

(State School Curriculum Coordinator)

Some of the students really surprised me in the tasks that they attempted. There were a number of them whom I did not know were musical, but they wrote words to songs and were happy to perform these in front of the class. Others turned out to be actors in the making, with superb performances in their short films. Some of the quieter students were confident to talk about the disease they had to research.

(Independent School Science Teacher)

Your relaxed style was exactly what our staff needed as they did not feel threatened at all but rather inspired to learn more and commence implementing your ideas and methods into their programs. The feedback I have received from all staff has been extremely positive which is very affirming for me. However, through previous experience I had no doubt that your presentation would be a success.

(State School Principal)

Our hopes for the day were well and truly realised. From the very substantial feedback that I have received from the staff, it is very clear that the overwhelming majority found the material exciting and energising and certainly all those I have spoken to have every intention of putting it into practice. There was particular appreciation for the Bloom-Gardner grid as a discipline in planning the learning experience of the classroom. I also sensed that faculty coordinators felt empowered by the content of the day to lead their respective staffs into a more varied and effective practice. It was also evident that some believed that the degree of ownership by students and the overall student morale could be lifted by the introduction of such techniques.

(Christian School Principal)

Let me begin by saying that the Matrix is the most thought provoking, challenging and cleverly designed planning tool that I have ever used. Staff from St EC Middle School has been on a roster system for the past two years to have their turn at ‘meeting Ralph’. We will be sending our last two ‘Ralph Rookies’ this November.

(Middle School Curriculum Coordinator)

The techniques that Ralph teaches and advocates in his workshops have a profound impact on the classroom and outcomes for students. This is because he packages good pedagogy with tried and proven teaching methods and provides support books and emailed units of work that have been developed by teachers in the field.

(State High School – Deputy Principal)

Unlike so many meetings, PD sessions etc. which we as teachers are compelled to attend, this one was so relevant and full of practical, useful and helpful tools.

(High School Maths Teacher)

‘Today has been the most productive, creative and stimulating workshop where we have been able to apply Ralph’s model to our teaching. It is so rewarding to step back, refocus and incorporate quality teaching tools into our lessons.’ CHS teachers from Friday Workshop!

An important aspect of Ralph’s work is the time dedicated to making the students independent and successful learners. The teachers are encouraged, through their planning, to develop the independent thinking skills of the students in their care. This allows greater success for all students. I am sure that anyone who has the opportunity to work with Ralph will benefit greatly from his expertise. His work, based on sound research and a firm foundation, truly does develop teachers’ skills across all curriculum areas, across all grades, to the benefit of all students.

Catholic Education Literacy Numeracy Consultant.

Ralph’s commitment to the on-going support of our teachers’ professional development was most refreshing and an important element in the success of his work with students and teachers.

(State School Principal)

The children absolutely love the matrix, saying “it’s cool, we get to choose what to do”, “I love getting to do things I’m good at!” “my writing is improving” “I’m learning more about body systems because I like doing my work”, “it’s good because the boys are too busy to annoy you!” “It’s cool because we get to use the computers to do our work”

(Intermediate School Deputy Principal)

A staff of 50 at a four-hour session on a Friday afternoon is not an easy audience, yet you managed to keep everyone actively engaged and motivated.

The staff were impressed with the strategies you presented which provide a framework to maximise learning and accommodate different learning styles in a challenging and motivating learning environment.

Staff enjoyed working from the workbook you provided and the time allocated to working in faculty groups on current learning programs. The resources you have provided to all faculties and the ongoing support offered has been highly praised.

(State School Deputy Principal)


The results I witnessed from my staff at KHS after engaging your services and the results I have seen in the Orange School Education Group from schools that attended your seminars in Orange have been outstanding.

All the best and thank you so much for being part of my educational career.

I could never have delivered the same message as you did at Kelso High and the Orange District.

Your interactive workshops and your sharing of resources is brilliant!!!!

You engaged teachers, you motivated them and you turned the lights on to strategies that work !!!


(Schools Education Director)

The workshop was very detailed in all aspects in quality teaching and learning theory and practice. Ralph presents current and up-to-date theories on how students learn and directs the teacher visually through many examples using his matrices. These matrices are a combination of the current theory and the quality teaching framework encompassing the Board of Studies verbs. The matrices are then incorporated into units of work across all KLAs teaching a variety of topics. These matrices are a gift to any teacher willing to be challenged.

(State High School Head Teacher Administration)

Margaret passed your email on to me and here are some of the comments we received about your presentation. I hope they are useful.

  • ‘exceptional presenter’
  • ‘would love him to present to my school’
  • ‘would have liked more time with Ralph’
  • ‘Ralph was BRILLIANT – very helpful professionally’
  • ‘Would like another whole day devoted to Ralph’
(ISLA Treasurer)

Ralph’s work had a great impact at my school on our Team planning, the alignment of sequential activities related to the Real Assessment Task, and with the inclusion of a range of Thinking Tools and Strategies for students to use that continue to challenge and increase opportunities for improvement in higher-order thinking in student learning.

(State School Deputy Principal)

We attended a workshop conducted by Ralph last November entitled “Improving Your Children’s Learning Outcomes”. To say that this was one of the most practical workshops in 20 years of teaching would be no understatement.

(Quality Teaching Coordinators)

For schools in our Program, that is schools that are geographically isolated and remote, often find it difficult to network on a regular basis. It has been the sharing and mentoring aspect of Ralph’s program and workshops that teachers in these schools seem to value the most.

(CAP Coordinator)

Dear Ralph,

Just wanted to say thanks for doing the fabulous workshop at Bond University yesterday.
We had rave reviews and feel that it will be extremely beneficial to all of our students as well as to the larger educational population that attended.

Our students will be well prepared to walk into any classroom and implement the grid, the thinking tools, or the other strategies that you talked about.

Your very interactive way of feeding us your wealth of information made the day fly! The information was brilliant and the enthusiasm and passion are unequalled.

(Bond University Assistant Professor)

Thank you for your presentation as it was both engaging and practical and we left the Professional Development activity with an enormous collection of new ideas and tools to use within the classroom and within your units. Your techniques are now having a profound impact on the classroom and outcomes for our students while your proven teaching methods and units of work have assisted us across all year levels.

(State School Principal)